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What some successful Squash players say:  

Marco has been coaching my four children for the past 8 years. His Knowledge of the game of Squash and all aspects of technique and training, including conditioning and mental preparation are all strong points of


Marco's mentoring abilities. 

Amazingly, he is able to relate to every child or adult at whatever level they are entering the game.


Marco is also a very personable and kind person. He is able to motivate his players to push themselves without coming across as cruel or unfair.


I would highly recommend Marco as a Squash Mentor and positive role model.


Pat Toth

When I started squash, I did everything crazy. Until that day I started having Squash Mentoring with Marco, everything changed. He told me what is wrong and how to make it better.


His trainings are very tough, if you can't do it, he can make you finish it. He also makes us feel like a family, no one is left out. Even when we play tournaments, he would tell us exactly what we need to beat our opponents,  


  Marco is a great Squash Mentor, he is coaching us to get better and better until we are the very top.


If there wasn't Marco, I would probably have quit squash.


Thank you Marco,


Jacob Lin

Hong Kong Jr Open Champion U11

3x National Jr Champion  

Canadian Jr Open 2016 Runner Up U13

Canadian National Ranking #1 U17

British Junior Open 2019 6th place.


Marco’s mentoring and coaching has changed my game but more importantly, the way I look at the game of squash. He has taught me to be disciplined, thorough, patient and has taken my game to the next level. 


He has been a strong support for me throughout my growth and has helped me win the 2014 BC Junior Closed Championships. Through training with him and growing as a strong player, I have been able to get recruited by Franklin and Marshall College in Pennsylvania, currently number 6th in U.S. NCAA Squash rankings.


Marco is always energetic, kind, patient, and understanding but also expects the player to do his best with no shortcuts. His primary focus for me has been to enhance my skill level in the court. More importantly, he focuses on squash fitness, which will enable me to perform at this level. His real strength as a coach is on the mental side of the game for training and competing, which brings out the best in every player.


If it wasn’t for Marco’s Squash Mentoring, I would not be where I am today as a squash player.


Samm Fulton

Former Provincial Champion

Squash Scholarship at Franklin and Marshall University

Marco's training style is one that is to be commended. The intensity and passion he brings to the training motivates us to push ourselves to our limits.


Mental toughness is one of the key aspects of squash Marco focuses on with us. I can say with confidence that my mental toughness has improved immensely because of Marco.


He is extremely knowledgeable and precise as he knows each of his student's individual game style to help them achieve a positive outcome. He leads by example and is genuine, passionate and considerate on and off the court.


Because of Marco, my love of the game of squash has grown so much more.


Meira Padda

Top BC Junior Player

  Since I started training with Marco my squash game has reached new levels.


He’s taught me the importance of mental strength and showed me how the subtle things can be the difference between winning and losing. He has a unique style of coaching which makes his students want to work hard. I can remember countless training sessions where I thought that I had physically reached my limit only to realize I was only half way done. This is the kind of training that is required to become a champion and Marco understands this.


   Its also impossible to work with Marco without gaining a certain level of respect for him. He is kind, patient and understanding but is still able to communicate the importance discipline and excellence to all his players. He is hands down one of the hardest working people I know. He is a great role model and teaches through example. However hard he makes you work, you can be sure he’s working ten times harder. He’s one of the few coaches who continue who maintain a high level of squash and compete in tournaments. This makes him much more relatable as a coach because whatever he teaches you, he's doing. 


  Since working with Marco I’ve won a couple Provincial Championships and placed top 5 in several national and international tournaments. I’ve also been accepted into the University of Rochester who's squash team is currently ranked second in the US. He’s helped me so much over the years and has become so much more than just my coach.


Thank you,


Matthew Toth

Former Provincial Junior Champion

Former Top 3 National Jr Rankings

Squash Scholarship at Rochester University


I'm pleased to recommend a friend of mine Marco Toriz that has also been a very good person, Coach and obviously one of the best friends I have ever had.


have trained with him since 2007 – 2011 and had taught me a lot of things. He has worked at the National Sport Center with brilliant coaches and had learned a lot of things. As a player he has got a lot of experience and he is a talented player.


As a person he has the passion for its work and would be always glad to help when somebody need it the most.


Miled Zarazua

Former 2x US Jr Open Champion

Former Canadian Jr Open Champion

Former Panam Junior Champion

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